Sorel Conquest Boot

The Sorel Conquest boot, which is for men only, is an ideal winter weather boot for people who tend to venture into rough, rocky and slippery places. The Sorel Conquest boot provides solid ankle support since the upper part of the boot is firm. While this reduces the flexibility of the boot a bit, it also goes a very long ways towards preventing sprained and broken ankles.

Sorel Conquest Boot
The Sorel Conquest Boot

Additionally, the Sorel Conquest is the perfect boot for use in deep snow as the snow gaiter has a barrel lock that allows the gaiter to be tightened securely against the leg. Like other Sorel's, the Conquest has a rubber lower that provides 100% waterproof protection, allowing the boot to be right at home in the mud. And finally, with a temperature rating of -40 degrees, the Sorel Conquest boot can be worn comfortably in very cold weather all day long.

One thing any buyers of the Conquest Boot should be aware of, though, is that it is kind of a pain to initially put on right out of the box. I own a pair of Sorel Conquests and really had to struggle to slip them on the first time. As the boots stretch out this becomes less of a problem, but the boot will never be the simplest to slide on and off.

Overall, the Sorel Conquest boot is ideal for anyone who needs a winter boot that will be used in conditions that not only require a warmth, but that also require solid ankle support and excellent traction on slippery surfaces. The boots superb traction, ankle support and excellent snow gaiter make the Conquest a perfect choice of winter boot for anyone who ventures into rough and rocky areas. The Conquest also makes for an excellent hunting boot, too. If you do not need the rock-solid ankle support and snow gaiter that this boot provides, you may want to look at the Sorel Caribou boot instead. The Caribou is easier to put on, just as warm, and costs a bit less.

Where to Buy & Prices

The Conquest is widely available online as well as, in colder climates at least, offline. Amazon usually has the full compliment of sizes and colors of the Conquest boot available.

The Conquest is generally priced around $140 - $160, although Amazon often sells them for less.

Buy the Sorel Conquest for Men at Amazon

Other online retailers where the Conquest boot is available include:

  • Cabela's
  • REI
  • Sorel.Com - If you can't find the size/color boot you like, the Sorel website is the place to check. However, unless a sale is happening, prices are usually "full priced."
  • Zappos.Com - Another good retailer to buy boots from, as they offer free return shipping if the boots don't fit.

Important note when purchasing through Amazon. If you buy footwear through one of the "third party sellers," the purchase may not qualify for free return shipping.

Basic Boot Information

  • Temperature Rating : -40 F.
  • Colors Available : Mulitiple colors, changes yearly.
  • Weight : 2 lb 3 oz.
  • Snow Cuff : Yes. Drawstring snow-gaiter.
  • Bottom : Handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell.
  • Upper : Waterproof full grain upper leather.
  • Waterproof? : Yes
  • Replaceable Liner? : No
  • Sizes Available : 7 to 15 (men), whole and half sizes. When ordering, order your true size, don't step up or down half a size.
  • Other Notes : For men only

Buy the Sorel Conquest Boot for Men at Amazon

Advantages of the Sorel Conquest Boot

Some of the advantages of the boot include:

  • The lower portion of the boot is made of rubber. This provides 100% waterproof protection. The rubber also makes the boot very easy to clean, especially if the boot is muddy.
  • The boot provides superb insulation, with a temperature rating of -40 degrees. The insulation in the boot is 400g Thinsulate. The interior lining of the boot is made of fleece, allowing for comfort and helping keep your feet dry.
  • The Conquest Boot has a built-in and very efective snow gaiter. This snow gaiter is for preventing snow from falling down into the boot as the barrel lock enclosure allows the gaiter to fit snugly around the leg. For deep snow, the Conquest boot is probably a better choice than the Caribou Boot which lacks this highly effective snow gaiter.
  • The Conquest Boot has an upper leather and suede that is also 100% waterproof. The upper extends far above the ankle, providing excellent protection from deep snow and mud.
  • The boot rovides excellent ankle support. Unlike the Caribou, the Conquest provides firm ankle support. And for real treacherous conditions, an Achilles Adjustment Strap on the boot can be tightened to further provide ankle support.
  • The multi-directional lug outsole provides excellent traction in slick, snowy and muddy conditions. The traction is nearly identical to what is found on quality hiking boots.

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