Montana fly fishing is legendary. Anglers from all over the world travel to Montana to experience fly fishing the blue ribbon trout rivers and pristine mountain lakes. Whether an angler seeks to battle trophy sized wild rainbow trout on the Yellowstone River or to experience the solitude of a high mountain lake, Montana provides fly fishing experiences like no other place can.

Montana provides such an abundance of opportunities that visiting anglers frequently have difficulty in deciding where to start their fly fishing adventure. This website will help you begin planning any fly fishing trip to the state. An angler can research all major rivers and many lesser-known ones, obtaining helpful fly fishing and floating information about each. An extensive photo gallery of each river and lake is provided, allowing the visiting angler to better understand and visualize a particular river or lake before planning their trip. Each river is also broken down to provide individuals who will be float fishing or rafting a river with helpful information, such as access points, locations of dams and river miles.

Big Sky Fishing.Com provides a wealth of information about Montana not found elsewhere online. In the Explore Montana section of the site, thousands of photos showcase all areas of state. In-depth information is provided on a multitude of topics, ranging from scenic drives, the wonder skiing to its quirky towns and cities. Fishing and hiking information for Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park is also included on the site.

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The Montana Hi-Line – The essence of Big Sky Country. Explore this unique but forgotten part of the state.

In-Depth Guide to Fly Fishing Gear – Everything you wanted to know about fly fishing gear, as well as some things you didn’t.

The Montana Stream Access Law – The definitive guide to legally accessing the state’s beautiful rivers, streams and lakes.

The Small Towns of Montana – Learn more and browse hundreds of photos of the many unique and sometimes quirky small towns found throughout the state.

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Other topics, some related to Montana and others not, explored on this website that visitors may still find of interest.

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