Baffin Boots

Baffin boots are one of the most popular winter and snow boots in the world. In particular, Baffin boots are legendary for keeping the foot warm in extreme cold. With a rather chilly temperature rating of -148 Fahrenheit, the Polar Series by Baffin is often the boot of choice for expeditions to the North and South Pole.

Of course, not all their boots are designed for such bitter cold. Baffin offers a wide variety of boots, all designed for different climates, uses and temperatures.

Similar to the boots made by Sorel, many Baffin boots have a rubber bottom which provides 100% waterproofing and easy cleanup. The rubber bottom makes Baffin boots ideal footwear for use in not just cold conditions, but also wet and muddy conditions, too.

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Baffin Boot Construction

Most styles of Baffin boots, and all of their hard-core snow boots, are constructed of a waterproof, rubber bottom. The exact type of rubber used varies by boot. The Polar Series boots (rated to a freakily cold -148 Fahrenheit) is made from a specialized "Polar Rubber," a heat reflecting core and an "air bubble" lying between the sole and foot. Insulation consists of 8 layers of Thermoplush, wrapped by leather and a nylon upper.

By constrast, the boots constructed for less harsh climates consist of a rubber shell with a specialized EVA compound mid-sole, with seven layers of Thermoplush insulation. These boots, which tend to be rated in the -20 to -40 Fahrenheit range, do lack some of the features found in the extreme cold weather boots (such as the "air bubble" and specialized "Polar Rubber"), but for most uses outside of extremely harsh and cold environments, these features generally won't be missed.

Wear the Right Sock With Baffin Boots

There is, however, one problem that buyers of rubber bottom boots, such as those made by Baffin, need to be aware of. Unlike your typical gore-tex winter boot that uses Thinsulate insulation, which breathes, the rubber bottom found on Baffin boots does not. What this means is that as your foot perspires, the water is trapped inside the boot. This is not good, since a wet foot equals a cold foot.

Fortunately, Baffin recognizes this. The insulation in the boot has been designed to help transfer perspiration off the foot and into the boot liner, keeping the foot dry and thus warm (in many ways, the boots liner performs the same duty as a specialized sock liner). Despite this, in order to obtain the full benefit of the superb insulation found in Baffin boots, it will be necessary to wear a quality winter sock and to never, ever wear a cotton sock. In extreme cold weather, cotton socks will negate much of the insulation properties of the boot since the sock will keep the foot covered in water. A quality winter sock, such as those made by Smartwool, will avoid this problem.