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The Lakes in Montana

Fishing the Lakes in Montana

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Georgetown Lake
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Visiting anglers in search of trout fishing often overlook the major lakes in Montana. With all the many blue ribbon trout streams, it is easy to see how this can happen. However, many lakes in Montana offer excellent fishing for a wide variety of species. Montana has excellent lakes for fly fishing for rainbow trout, lake trout, whitefish, pike and bass. This section will cover popular lakes that are located in the valleys of Montana. Lakes that are located high in the mountains, and which also provide excellent fly fishing, are covered in our mountain fishing section.

Most of the best lake fishing east of the continental divide in Montana is located in the various reservoirs created by dams. West of the continental divide, numerous natural lakes exist that can supply endless fishing opportunities.

As with all large lake fishing, a fishing boat is pretty much a necessity, preferably one with a motor. While canoes and rowboats and rafts can work, some of the lakes in Montana can be very large and quite windy. Unless you fancy paddling a canoe into the wind across a large reservoir, it is highly advisable to have a motorboat of one variety or another.

Whitefish Lake in Northwest Montana
Continental Divide in Glacier National Park
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As with lakes all over the country, the lakes in Montana are used for more than just fishing, particularly the many lakes located in northwest Montana. Sailing, sea kayaking and aimlessly cruising the water on a sunny day in a pretty setting are popular activities.

For the angler lacking a boat, some of the lakes covered in this section are small enough to use a float tube, or even be fly fished successfully from shore. These lakes are primarily located in northwest Montana. These smaller lakes are also heavily stocked, as the fishing pressure can be quite intense on some of these smaller lakes, despite their frequent isolation.

The lakes in Montana are most definitely worth fishing. A visiting angler should not pass up the opportunity to fish one of these lakes, if only for a change of pace from river fishing. Lake fishing can reward the angler with monstrous fish that can't be caught in the many rivers of Montana.

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Mt. Gould in Glacier Park Northwest Montana Lakes
Some of the most popular and scenic lakes are located in Northwest Montana, such as Whitefish Lake, Swan Lake and Flathead Lake. Learn More.

Mt. Gould in Glacier Park Southwest Montana Lakes
Southwest Montana is home to a number of excellent lakes for fishing, such as Georgetown Lake, Clark Canyon Reservoir and the Anaconda Settling Ponds. Learn More.

Mt. Gould in Glacier Park Southern Montana Lakes
Southern Montana has a number of lakes that provide quality fishing, such as Hebgen Lake. Southern Montana is also home to the state's most unique lake...Quake Lake. Learn More.

Mt. Gould in Glacier Park Central Montana Lakes
Central Montana is home to several of the most productive lakes for fishing in Montana, including Holter Lake and Canyon Ferry Reservoir. There are also a number of beautiful lakes lying along the Rocky Mountain Front that provide excellent fishing, such as Willow Creek Reservoir. Learn More.

Mt. Gould in Glacier Park Montana Lake Pictures
I have posted several galleries of photos of the various lakes in Montana, so feel free to wander around. View this Gallery.

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