Willow Creek Reservoir, like nearby Pishkun Reservoir, lies along the Rocky Mountain Front several miles north of the town of Augusta. Unlike most reservoirs in Central Montana, Willow Creek Reservoir offers decent fly fishing for rainbow trout. The Montana FWP plants sizeable numbers of rainbow trout each year, and the moderate fishing pressure prevents the lake from being fished out. There are no warmwater fish species in the reservoir.

Willow Creek Reservoir is of moderate size, running about 1300 acres. As conditions are often very windy, a motorboat is generally the vessel of choice although a pontoon boat or inflatable kayak also work well when the wind subsides.

Access to Willow Creek Reservoir is excellent. In addition to having a designated fishing access site, Willow Creek Reservoir is part of the Willow Creek Reservoir Wildlife Management Area, allowing for virtually unlimited access all along the lake. A fisherman can camp pretty much anywhere they want.

Although Willow Creek Reservoir lies only several miles away from the small town of Augusta, anglers should visit Willow Creek Reservoir fully prepared with whatever they will need, as Augusta itself is very small. Most services are found in the town of Choteau—which is about 20 miles north of Augusta.

Fishing pressure on Willow Creek Reservoir is highest on summer weekends, as most anglers are locals. A visiting angler who wants to avoid the crowds should visit either on a weekday or during the early part of summer or in the fall.

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