Pishkun Reservoir is a 1500-acre reservoir lying along the Rocky Mountain Front. It is quite scenic and relatively easy to reach—being about 17 miles from Choteau along a very good condition gravel road.

Although only a scattering of trees are found around the lake, the mountains to the west tower above the landscape and provide a scenic backdrop for any fishing or camping trip.

Camping at Pishkun Reservoir is simple. The reservoir has a dedicated campground at the fishing access site—including a group camp area. Beyond the actual campground (which is fenced in to keep the cattle out), there are ample areas to primitive camp along the lake.

The Montana FWP stocks the reservoir with trout yearly. Fish species in Pishkun Reservoir include rainbow trout, northern pike and yellow perch.

Fishing pressure ranges from low to moderate. During the weekdays, use is very low—anglers often will have the lake to themselves, or nearly so. However, like many other Central Montana reservoirs, usage surges during summer weekends.

An excellent fishing access site exists on the lake, allowing for easy boat access. Due to the often very windy conditions, a motorboat is definitely the boat of choice. When conditions are calm, inflatable boats such as inflatable canoes and inflatable kayaks for lakes also work well.

Access to the reservoir is excellent. Outside of the designated fishing access site, an angler can use one of several roads that ring the reservoir and fish from shore.

To reach Pishkun Reservoir, from Choteau follow Highway 287 south out of town. Then just follow the fishing access signs to the reservoir, which lies about fifteen miles away off a decent dirt road. The signs are placed at all road junctions—making it difficult to get lost.

Photographs of Pishkun Reservoir

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