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More than ten million people a year visit Montana, a number which continues to increase each and every year. Due to the long winters, most tourists visit Montana during the “Montana Summer”, which runs from about mid-June to just after Labor Day.

While I don’t have exact figures, the najority of tourists visit the popular places such as Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park, often spending only a day before pushing on for other destinations beyond Montana. It has been my experience that few visitors really push away from the popular tourist destinations and truly “experience” the State.

Why I Created This Section on Big Sky Fishing

There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can get information about travel in Montana. Unfortunately, most of the sites say the same old thing, with information just copied from one site to another. At least to me, most Montana travel sites are basically useless beyond booking hotel reservations.

So I created this section of Big Sky Fishing, to give visitors an idea of what Montana is really like. The travel guide section on the site – which I call “Exploring Montana” -  is less a true "travel guide" than my own personal opinions and experiences about various places throughout the state. Each section is filled with helpful information and thousands of photographs that I have taken. It is my hope that visitors to this part of Big Sky Fishing.Com will walk away with a better understanding of Montana and will find the urge to see more of Montana than just the well-known and popular National Parks.

Explore Montana

The Cities of Montana The Cities of Montana
The Small Towns of Montana The Small Towns of Montana
Montana Skiing The Skiing in Montana
The Montana Hi-Line The Montana Hi-Line
Montana Scenic Drives Montana Scenic & Backcountry Drives
The National Bison Range The National Bison Range
Glacier National Park Glacier National Park
Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park

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