Big Sky has several thousand original photographs online. Best of all, you are welcome to use these pictures for your own non-commercial web site provided the following guidelines are met:

Rainbow over Ennis Lake

Rainbow over Ennis Lake. Photo Courtesy of Big Sky Fishing.Com

1. When using any picture or photograph from Big Sky Fishing.Com, a link back to our web site MUST be placed next to/below the photo. An example of this is shown in the photo below.

Please note that you must use an actual hyperlink to our web site. You may not “cloak” or “redirect” the hyperlink in anyway. If you have questions about this, please contact me and I’ll be happy to explain. Also, I am flexible on where you place the link. If placing credit next to the photo you want to use does not work for your sites layout, please contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

2. Images MAY NOT be “hot linked” from the web site. Hot linking involves copying the url of the image and then inserting it into your own web site. What happens then is that when your web page loads, the picture you are using is then called from OUR server, not yours. This is a significant drain on our server and will not be tolerated (it also greatly slows the loading of the image on your web site). Our web logs will clearly show when any image is being hot linked to. If we find a image that is being hot linked, we will either change the path of the image (resulting in a broken link on your web page) or substitute a photo that you probably do not want on your web site!

See the next step to learn how to properly copy a photo for your own site use.

3. To properly copy an image, do the following. Right click over the image and “save as”, saving the photo to your local computer. Name it what you like and insert it into your web page. That’s it.

4. Once you have posted the image, please let us know about it. In the email, please let us know the url (location) of where the image is being posted. This is for our own informational purposes and to verify that images are being used correctly. Email address to use.

5. Also note, our pictures may never be used on any sort of adult site, period.

By following these guidelines, your are welcome to use our images on your non-commercial web site. Please note that failing to follow these guidelines will result, upon discovery of using our images without authorization, notice being sent to the primary search engines of copyright infringement, which may result in your web site being banned from the search engines (as I have the original, full size images, this is very easy to prove). A cease and desist email will also be sent to the owner of the sites domain name as determined by WHOIS information.

If you have a commercial site or want to use our pictures for a commercial purpose, don’t just copy the image, hoping we won’t find out. We will! Tracking down our images on the web is fairly simple due to the unique nature of our photographs. Using our images without permission is also illegal and may result in getting your web site banned by the major search engines due to copyright infringement. When we discover an illegal use of our images, we notify all major search engines about copyright infringement (which is easy to prove since we have the original images), which may result in your site being dropped from Google and Yahoo. We will also send a cease and desist order to the owner of the domain name as determined by WHOIS information.

If you would like to use one of our pictures on your commercial site or for a commercial purpose, simply contact us. Most likely, we will let you use an image for free, following the guidelines above (depending on what you want to use the image for, of course). In your email, just let us know what you want to use the image for and where you will be using it. Email address to use.

Thank you for following these guide lines regarding using the quality pictures found at