Guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Missouri River
We provide full-service, guided fly fishing trips on the Missouri River. All equipment and lunch provided. Your satisfaction guaranteed. Outfitter #12345

Promote Your Business on This Website

Big Sky Fishing.Com makes a great avenue to promote your business, particularly if your business caters to visiting anglers. Whether you are a guide or a hotel that lodges visiting anglers, your business can benefit from the simple and very affordable advertising options on Big Sky Fishing.

Eligible Businesses for Advertising

Eligible business include, but are not limited to, lodging facilities, fishing guides, fly shops, campgrounds, restaurants, real estate agencies promoting specific river front properties and other related businesses.

Advantages of Advertising on Big Sky Fishing

Advertising your business on Big Sky Fishing.Com offers many advantages over other forms of web based and print advertising. Due to the unique way business listings are delivered (our listings are far more than a generic text link), your ad will only appear in front of visitors who are explicitly interested in your products or services (if one of our visitors is visiting our Yellowstone River section, its a safe bet that they are interested either in the Yellowstone River for fishing or floating or to look at the photos, since that is all that is covered on that page).

To see an example of what a business listing looks like, see the example below the title bar on the top of the page.

Additionally, if you are a fly fishing guide, by advertising in Big Sky Fishing, a free listing will also be provided in the Montana Fishing Guide directory page, too.

A Couple of Things You Should Know

As I believe in complete transparency, all advertisers should know a couple of things. First, Big Sky Fishing takes the “rifle” approach to advertising instead of the “shotgun” approach. Advertising is very, very targeted. This leads to one good thing and one bad thing, depending on your perspective.

The advantage of advertising on such a highly targeted environment is that people who visit your site will be VERY interested in your services. If you take out an ad on a specific river page of this site, anyone who clicks on your ad will be very interested in your service since the actual page they were viewing will be precisely related to your services. For example, you provide guided fly fishing trips on the Missouri River. If someone clicks on an ad you run in our pages about the Missouri River, the probabilities are very high that the person is interested in your guide services since the content on the page they are viewing is about fly fishing the Missouri River.

In short, the content of this site provides a highly targeted pre-screening environment to run your ads, leading only to high quality and motivated individuals who visit your site.

However, the disadvantage of advertising in such a highly targeted environment is that you are not likely to see a mass of clicks head your way. There are not that many people interested in fly fishing a specific river to generate a high number of clicks.

As such, if you want high quality traffic that is particularly interested in your services – and can live with just a few clicks per day (and some days none at all) – then advertising on Big Sky Fishing is for you.

If you just want to generate a mass of untargeted traffic to your website, then advertising on Big Sky Fishing is not for you because the site is not set up to generate massive page views on one particular page on the site. Instead, the site delivers high quality, targeted traffic across a whole range of pages – not just one page.

Moreover, Big Sky Fishing does not use “in your face” advertising. While such tactics do lead to clicks to advertisers web sites, I’ve found such tactics turn people off. Moreover, they are not effective, since pushing ads in peoples faces leads to “inadvertent” clicks that look good in the advertisers web logs but terrible when it comes to the bottom line.

How To Set Up an Ad

Well, assuming you are still interested in setting up an ad, the good news is that it is quite simple.

Just use the contact form to send me the following information:

  • What Page(s) you want to Advertise On
  • The Title to Be Used (the link text) – 10 words maximum
  • The Description to be Used – 25 words maximum – and the shorter, the better.
  • The URL of your website
  • And, if you are a Montana fishing guide, your Outfitter number. This is mandatory for anyone who advertises as a fishing guide.

Use the Contact Form to submit an advertisement to Big Sky Fishing.Com

Cost and Placement of Ads

Top of Page Ad Placement – Only one ad is allowed at the top of the page. This ad is located right below the title bar. See the example ad at the top of this page to see how it looks

“Below the fold” Ad Placement – A maximum of two additional ads (depending on the page length) is allowed. These ads are placed directly within the content and span the entire width of the page. No other ads will run immediately above or below these ads. These ads look as follows:

Guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Missouri River
We provide full-service, guided fly fishing trips on the Missouri River. All equipment and lunch provided. Your satisfaction guaranteed. Outfitter #12345

Please note, other advertisements may be run on the page (along the right margin or towards the very bottom of the page), but none will be run immediately above/below your ad. Thus, all ads stand out very well. Moreover, since the ads are hard-coded into the pages, ads are not blocked by ad-blockers.

Important Note : Once you run an ad on a page, your ad will never be removed unless you stop advertising on Big Sky Fishing. No one can come along at a later date and knock your ad off a particular spot on a particular page. In short, your ad sort of “claims” a particular spot on Big Sky Fishing for as long as you want it.

No ad pages : The home page and the web cams page are excluded from advertisements

Special rate pages : Primary “Montana Rivers” page has a special flat rate of $200 a year. No volume discounts apply for this page.

Also, by running an ad on Big Sky Fishing, you will be automatically included in the Montana Fishing Guide directory too.

The cost of all ads are:

For 1 ad : $125 per year.
For 2 ads : $200 per year.
For 3 or more ads : $50 for each additional listing above 2. Thus, if you run 4 ads, the cost will be $300 per year.

Use the Contact Form to submit an advertisement to Big Sky Fishing.Com

Billing Information

One nice thing about people in Montana is that most people are very trustworthy. Due to this happy fact, no advance payment is necessary. Instead, once I receive your ad submission, it will be included on the page you requested. You will then be notified so you can review the advertisement to make sure everything is correct.

Once you are satisfied with the advertisement, you will be sent a invoice via email. You have 30 days to pay this invoice, otherwise your ad will be removed. Please make checks payable to “Sierra Web Enterprises, Inc”.

Please note that their are no refunds.

Sierra Web Enterprises
PO Box 19714
Reno, NV 89511