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The Cities in Montana

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The Cities of Montana

Old Mining Rig in Butte
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Montana really doesn't have any "cities" in the true sense of the word. The largest city in Montana, Billings, barely tops 100,000 people. Instead of a large city or two, Montana has a number of smaller "cities" spread across the state. Many of these cities, while small in population, have a staggering number of services, shopping and other things available, though, as these cities are popular tourist destination spots.

To give visitors an idea of what these little Montana cities are like, I've prepared a special section on bigskyfishing.com that covers them. This information has been prepared by myself during my numerous visits to these Montana cities (I live in Kalispell and travel all over Montana - particularly for this site). As such, you will not find the typical travel guide information.

Instead, what is included in each city travel guide is information about what new visitors to a particular Montana city should expect, some things to do as well as some general information about each place. Perhaps more noticeably, I also throw in my own opinion and experiences about each town and city - making it quite a bit different from a typical "fluffy and PC travel site" - I think. Links to helpful and related websites are also provided.

The Cities of Montana


Billings is the largest city in the state of Montana and one few people ever really see since most people are just "passing through". Learn more about Billings, Montana.


Bozeman, MT, is probably the best known tourist destination in the state. The whole Bozeman area is rapidly increasing in population due to its beautiful setting. Learn more about Bozeman, Montana.


Butte, once upon a time, was a thriving if somewhat dirty mining town. But Butte has undergone quite the transformation over the past twenty years. Learn more about Butte, Montana.

Great Falls

Great Falls is probably best known for Air Force Base just outside of town and all the nuclear missles nearby. Yet, Great Falls is really quite a nice city that has much to offer. Learn more about Great Falls, MT.


Helena is the state capital of Montana that is also very rich in history. Learn more about Helena, MT.


Kalispell is located in the Flathead Valley in NW Montana. It serves as the largest town nearest Glacier National Park. For this reason, it is quickly growing and receives a lot of tourists. Learn more about Kalispell, MT.


Missoula is a quickly growing city located in the Bitterroot Valley of SW Montana and is home to the largest university in the state. Learn more about Missoula, MT.

West Yellowstone

The Ice-Box of Montana and the all-to popular tourist town that happens to sit on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. Learn more about West Yellowstone, MT.


Little Whitefish hardly qualifies as a city. Yet, for a town of just 6500 people or so, Whitefish has much to offer - and has a great ski area looming over town, too. Learn more about Whitefish, MT.

Small Montana Towns

This is a compiliation of information and pictures of other small towns in Montana. Included are information and photos of places such as Lewistown, Winnett and many other places. Explore the Small Towns of Montana.

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