To get listed in the Montana Fishing Guide directory is very easy. By having an ad anywhere on Big Sky Fishing, you’ll automatically be listed for free. Thus, if you provide guide services on, say, the Missouri River, and you have an ad on any page of our site about the Missouri River, you’ll be listed on this list for free.

If you do not want to take out an ad on a specific page of our site but still would like to be listed on the Montana Fishing Guide page, the cost of a listing is $75 per year.

Please note, a listing on the fishing guide page consists ONLY of the following : Name of your Company, Link to your Website, and listings of what rivers you provide services on.

Additionally, to be listed in our fishing guide directory, you MUST be a licensed outfitter in the State of Montana. We put your outfitter # next to all listings so that our visitors know that the guides listed are indeed licensed with the State of Montana.

To submit an ad, send an email with the following information :

  • Name of Company
  • Website URL
  • Rivers you Provide Services On – Note, you must provide actual guided fly fishing trips on the rivers listed. Maximum limit that will be listed is 10 rivers.
  • Your Outfitter Number
  • Your Email Address

Billing Information

One nice thing about people in Montana is that most people are very trustworthy. Due to this happy fact, no advance payment is necessary. Instead, once I receive your ad submission, it will be included on the page. You will then be notified so you can review the listing to make sure everything is correct.

Once you are satisfied with the listing, you will be sent a invoice via email. You have 30 days to pay this invoice, otherwise your ad will be removed. Please make checks payable to “Sierra Web Enterprises,Inc.”

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Reno, NV 89502