How to Clean Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are great, aren't they? They are luxuriously soft and keep your feet toasty warm. Uggs also have a distinctive look and style. Like all boots, though, as you wear them they begin to get dirty. And who wants to wear a dirty, icky pair of Uggs, right?

So how do you clean your Ugg Boots? To make them look as good as new? Well, unless you have a sadistic desire to destroy your Uggs (perhaps offering you an excuse to buy a new pair), follow the guidelines on this page and you should be good to go.

Ugg Boot Cleaning Rules to Remember

Before going into the step by step guide to cleaning an Ugg Boot, let's go over a few very important rules you do NOT want to forget!

  • Washers/Dryers and Ugg Boots Do Not Mix - If that statement isn't self-explanatory enough, try this. Want to destroy your Uggs? Well, no better way than to throw them in a washer or dryer.
  • Direct Heat Sources are Ugg Boot Destroyers - In other words, when drying Uggs, never plunk them down in front of a heater (electric or otherwise) or leave them in a window that gets plenty of sun on a hot day. Instead, Uggs are best air dried at room temperature or you can use a boot dryer, explained next.
  • Want Dry Ugg Boots? Use a Boot Dryer - Air-drying dripping-wet Ugg Boots takes forever, particularly on the inside. Happily, you can dry out your Uggs quickly and safely by using a Boot Dryer. A boot dryer is a device that, as the name suggests, dries out boots. The boot dryer basically blows a steady stream of room-temperature air through multiple vent holes. It dries out even the wettest boots quickly and silently in a few hours. If your Uggs get get wet frequently, a Boot Dryer is a good investment.
  • Get the Ugg Boot Sheepskin Cleaner - Enough said. Without this cleaner and conditioner made by Ugg, you might as well not bother cleaning your boots at all. This cleaner has been designed to get stuff off the boot as well as to protect and rejuvenate the leather. And remember, do NOT use a ordinary boot/shoe cleaner on Ugg Boots!! More Information about Ugg Sheepskin Cleaner.

    You can also buy (recommended and shown in the photo) the Ugg Sheepskin Care Kit, which contains the cleaner as well as a conditioner and boot brush - which you need to effectively clean your boots. More information about the Ugg Sheepskin Care Kit.

Ugg Boot Cleaning Guide

With all those rules above in mind, let's go over the a-b-c's on how to clean up your Uggs. While cleaning Ugg Boots are different and more time consuming than most other types of boots around, it is still easy to do - provided you do it right!

1. Wet entire exterior of boot with cold water. Doesn't need to be "dripping wet," just solidly wet to the touch. "Damp" is NOT wet, by the way.

2. Apply some Ugg Sheepskin Cleaner to a clean and dry sponge or boot cleaning brush. The Ugg Sheepskin Care Kit comes with a special brush and sponge for cleaning Ugg Boots, so if you don't have a brush or the cleaner, you're best advised to get the entire kit.

3. Gently spread the cleaner, using light pressure, across the entire exterior of the boot. Clean the entire exterior of the boot - not "just spots," so as to both protect the boot as well as to clean up stuff you can't see (such as any cheamical residue from salt, ice melt, etc..). Take your time and do it right. Heavily stained areas may require doing some "spot cleaning" a second time.

4. Once your satisfied the boot looks clean, it's time to rinse them! Using cold water, rinse the boots under a faucet. Don't be too alarmed to watch the shape of your boots sort of "disappear."

5. Stuff the boots with some paper towels to reshape the boots.

6. Sit back and wait - a day minimum - for the boots to dry out. And remember, don't use ANY direct heat sources to "assist" the drying process - doing so guarantees your Uggs will soon find the local landfill instead! That said, once the Uggs have "pretty much" dried out and have regained their shape (but are still damp to the touch), you can use a boot dryer to finish the drying process.

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