Sleeping Bag Guide
The Insulation in Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bag Insulation

High technology has struck again. This time, the technology has struck the sleeping bag market. Not too many years ago, sleeping bags were all made from goose down or polyester. Today, however, in an effort both to improve sleeping bag insulation and to dazzle consumers about their products, manufacturers now use a multitude of "cool" sounding names for sleeping bag insulation.

Since anyone who is searching for a sleeping bag will inevitably stumble across this terminology, I thought it would be helpful to prepare this guide that explains the terminology about the different types of sleeping bag insulation available.

So lets get started. And at the bottom of the page I'll recommend what types of insulation you might want to get for differing camping situations.

The Five Primary Types of Sleeping Bag Insulation

There are five major types of sleeping bag insulation a consumer will stumble across when searcing for a sleeping bag. While other insulation types DO exist, these five are by far the most common.

Goose Down

Goose down insulation is the classic insulation used in sleeping bags, and, despite all the technological advances, still the most efficient insulation around. Goose down provides the most warmth for the least bulk, allowing for very warm sleeping bags that are in very, very small packages.

Down Sleeping Bags
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