Simple Guide to Camping Gear

The camping in Montana is, whether at a campground or in the backcountry, superb. Montana camping is for many people what dreams are made from. The clear skies, the wonderful air, the beautiful sunsets, and the mysterious wildlife—these are the captivating images of camping beneath the Big Sky that Montana is singularly famous for.

The good news is that those camping dreams do occur—until the mid-summer snow arrives. Or until the cold June rains starts and doesn’t end for days. Or until the local insect population carries away anything not nailed down. Or until the friendly local grizzly bear decides to pay a midnight visit to your encampment.

Overall, camping in Montana is diverse, beautiful, crummy, exciting and unpredictable—all at the same time.

To help future visitors better prepare for their trip, I’ve put together this "Camping Gear Guide.” This section of Big Sky Fishing should help a new Montana camper accomplish two things. The first is too better prepare oneself for the unpredictable nature of Montana camping. The second purpose is to help people properly outfit themselves for a camping trip. A camping trip in Montana is doomed to disappoint without the right gear.

Also, this section covers the gear and techniques needed for enjoyable camping. If you plan to do some hiking, please visit the Hiking Gear Guide section for helpful tidbits of information. Articles provide information about hiking gear, and practical advice like how to avoid a broken leg hiking, how to prevent blisters and other nuggets of information learned through misadventure.

Learn About Camping Gear

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