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There is no shortage of fly fishing gear in the market today. Indeed, the increasing popularity of fly fishing has led to an explosion of gear available over the past decade.

This explosion of fly fishing gear that is available, however, has a dark side. For anglers new to the sport, the sheer assortment of gear available, the fancy terminology that is frequently used and the rather steep prices anglers have to pay for good gear has all conspired to make selecting the right fly fishing gear for your needs a rather difficult one.

It's my hope that anyone who visits this section of Big Sky Fishing in search of fly fishing gear will come away with a good idea of what they need AND why they need it. And, with the help of our special price finder feature (coming soon too!), it is also my hope that an angler will also be able to find reasonable prices on the gear that they need too.

And, if you are brand new to fly fishing, read our Fly Fishing Gear 101 article (coming soon) - it will explain what you need, how the gear all goes together and more.

Essential Fly Fishing Gear

There is a LOT of fly fishing gear you can buy today, that's for sure. Yet, in the end, you really don't need quite as much as many beginner anglers think you do. Listed below are what I dub the "essentials."

Fly Rod : Without a fly rod, it's tough to fish. In our buyers guide, we'll go over most anything you wanted to know about fly rods - and some stuff you probably didn't want to know, either!

Fly Rod Combos : Fly rod combos are a great way to save money. Buy purchasing the fly rod in a combination package that includes the reel, fly line, backing and road case, you can save substantially instead of buying the pieces individually.

Fly Reel : A fly reel does more than just hold line! True, it's not the most important piece of equipment you have. But it's not trivial, either.

Fly Fishing Waders : Generally, at least here in Montana, fishing waders are darn right mandatory. In a few places and the right time of year, you can avoid them.

Wading Boots : Yes, wading boots are more imporant than waders. Indeed, I'd say they are second only to the fly rod in terms of importance. Read our buyers guide to find out more.

Fly Fishing Vest : You CAN survive without a fly fishing vest. But, you really do need one to keep your gear organized. I've tried fishing without a vest and complete disorganization and lost items was the result!

Fly Line : Few things on this planet are more confusing to new anglers than fly lines. So review our buyers guide to learn more about fly lines, what kind to get and more.

Fly Assortments : Fly assortments are a great way to get the flies you need, all included usually in a nice little fly box. They are a good way to save money over buying flies individually, too.

Fly Boxes : Fly Boxes keep your flies organized. One thing is for sure, before long, you'll have too many flies. How you store them makes all the difference in the world.

Leaders & Tippetts : Talk about boring. But yet, leaders and tippetts are invaluable for fly fishing. First, you need one. And secondly, if you use the wrong one, you won't catch anything either.

  • Learn more about Leaders and Tippetts

Flies : Without flies, there would be no fly fishing. And without flies (or at least the right ones), your fishing trips aren't likely to have a happy conclusion.

  • Beginner Guide to Flies Used for Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Sunglasses : A set of polarized fly fishing sunglasses is a virtual requirement for fly fishing, as these glasses cut through the glare and allow you to see both the fish and your fly.

  • Read our Fly Fishing Sunglasses Guide

Other Fly Fishing Gear

The fly fishing gear listed above as "essential" really is essential, at least for fishing in Montana. Without the above items, you are not only unlikely to catch anything - you're unlikely to be able to fish to begin with!

Yet, as any angler knows, you really do need more to hit the water and have hopes of catching something, at least here in Montana. So the stuff below is other gear any angler is likely to want to have to one degree or another.

Fly Fishing Luggage : At a minimum, please get a fly rod tube or travel case. Other handy items are fly reel cases and perhaps a wader bag to keep your car clean and dry.

  • Types of Fly Fishing Luggage Available

Wading Jackets : During the summer, leave it at home. But if you fish in the spring or fall, a wading jacket is needed to keep you warm while in the river.

Fly Tying Kits : Tying your own flies is a good way to save money and create your own special "killer fly". If you are a beginner, though, buy your flies instead. Doing so guarantees you'll spend more time fishing than at your tying bench.

  • Types of Fly Tying Kits Available

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