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Fly Fishing Combos

Any angler can save a bundle by purchasing their fly rod in a combination package that includes not just the rod, but also the fly reel, the fly line, backing and either a rod tube or rod sock.

By and large, beginner and intermediate anglers are the folks who purchase combination packages the most frequently. As such, the majority of combo outfits are targeted towards them.

Yet, many very high-quality fly rods from Sage, G. Loomis, and others are also available in fly rod combo packages. For this reason, if you are lookiing for a high-end (and expensive) fly rod, it is not a bad idea to check out what combination outfits are available. Quite frequently, an angler can get a high-end combination package for not much more than just buying the fly rod all by itself.

So, what kind of fly rod combo should you get? And what features should you look for? And how can I find the one I need? We'll jump into that below.

Shop & Compare Fly Fishing Combos

Compare Combos - Compare combos that are available from Cabela's, G. Loomis, St. Croix, Temple Fork Outiftters, Redington and others.

Combo's Priced Under $200 - These combinations are for new anglers, for the kids, and for those just looking to have a spare rod (or a rod used for occasional circumstances). New anglers who want some decent gear are advised to step-up to the next price level.

Combo's Priced $200-$300 - I consider this the "sweet spot" for beginner anglers. If you're new to the sport, within this price range you'll find many quality rod and reel combinations that you won't soon outgrow (or become frustrated with).

Combos Priced $300-$400 - This price range contains the "sweet spot" for Intermediate anglers, who lack the money to buy a full-fledged top-line system, but still want a quality fly rod and reel.

Combos Priced $400 or More - Within this price range, you'll find combination outfits that contains excellent fly rod and reels, including rods by Sage and G. Loomis.

Fly Rod Combo Shopping Considerations

If you are looking for a fly rod combo that includes the rod, reel, line, backing and case, are in for a huge surprise. Combos are everywhere - and come with a dizzying array of options. Cabela's fly rods alone EACH have about a dozen different configurations available. Couple that with about 20 different fly rod/fly reels available, and you are looking at well over 200 different combination packages that contain a Cabela's fly rod and fly reel. Needless to say, that is a dizzying amount of choices especially if you don't know what you're doing or looking for!

So, let's break things down to the fundamentals.

  1. Start with Package Price - The obvious starting point when shopping for a fly rod combo is to figure out how much you can realistically spend for the whole thing. For beginner anglers, I would consider a combo package between $250 - $400. You can spend more and get an awesome outfit, but for beginners it's not fully needed. You can also spend less and, most likely, come away disappointed that you did.
  2. Determine Fly Rod Weight - Selecting a combo is no different than selecting an individual fly rod. You need to know the fly rod weight. And that, of course, is based entirely upon what types of fish you'll be going for. For trout fishing, a fly rod weight of 4, 5, or 6 is a good choice. Read more about Fly Rod Weight if you aren't sure what I'm talking about.
  3. Determine # of Fly Rod Pieces - This refers to how many pieces the fly rod breaks down into. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7? The more pieces the fly rod breaks down into, the tighter the package it is and easier it is to pack around. If you plan on traveling a lot, a 4 piece rod is very nice. Otherwise, a general 2-3 piece rod works well for general all-around trout fishing.
  4. Determine Fly Rod Length - This is easy. Generally, a 8.5 to 9 foot rod is the best choice. Get an 8 foot rod if you'll be fishing small streams and creeks. Otherwise, for most other rivers, a 8.5 to 9 foot is the rod of choice.
  5. Don't Forget the Other Stuff - Fly rod combos are great in that they include the rod, reel, line, backing and rod tube/sock. Yet, don't forget to have enough money left over for the fishing vest, the waders, sunglasses, flies, leaders and some wading boots too! A fly rod combo gives you the basics - but it doesn't give you everything you need all by itself!

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