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Danger...Unimproved Trail Sign

This sign is located at mile 27, or there-abouts. Beyond this sign (when heading east toward Kipp Recreation Area), the Missouri Breaks Backcountry Byway really does become a trail as much as a road. Up until this point on the drive, during good weather a two-wheel drive vehicle should have no issues beyond having to navigate around the ruts in the road.

But traveling beyond this sign in a 2wd vehicle or a low clearance vehicle really is "inviting trouble." I'm not saying it can't be done. And the first few miles beyond the sign aren't horrific by any means. Low clearance and 2wd vehicles can make this drive if conditions are just right and you get lucky (ok, really lucky) on the real steep climb that lies several miles ahead and there's no water in the Two Calf Creek crossing. However, it is a risk. And since your cell phone won't work here, well...if you get stuck, you're sort of screwed.

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