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Photographs of the Missouri Breaks in Montana

The Missouri Breaks is a stunningly beautiful and remote area that few people who visit Montana ever see - unless they are hunting trophy bull elk. The Missouri Breaks is a vast area of rolling hills, buttes, rock outcroppings, scattered forests and massive prairie flats that surround the Missouri River. This huge area really has no clearly defined border. But, as a rough guide, the Missouri Breaks area lies to the east of Fort Benton, to the north of Winnett and to the south and west of Fort Peck Lake.

The Missouri Breaks area is exceptionally remote, even by Montana standards. Much of the Missouri Breaks area is completely uninhabited as it lies within the Charles Russell Wildlife Refuge. And the part of the breaks area that is outside of the refuge consists of scattered ranches and sizable blocks of BLM lands. In short, if you want to be alone, the Missouri Breaks area is a very fine place to go.

The Missouri Breaks is famous for its' superb hunting. And, indeed, hunting is how I first came across this remote region of Montana. The elk hunting in the Missouri Breaks is legendary for trophy bull elk. Each year, about 75 lucky hunters draw a permit to hunt the trophy elk that reside in the areas draws, forests and plains. Other lucky hunters, like me in 2004, are able to procure a cow permit which allows for hunting of antlerless elk. And while I came away skunked in my hunting trip to the breaks in 2004 - the trip was hardly a waste - as I came back having explored a new region of Montana that is beautiful, remote and truly wild.

Finally, the Missouri Breaks Backcountry Byway passes through this part of Montana and is an enjoyable trip. More information about the Missouri Breaks Backcountry Byway.

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Missouri Breaks Pictures

The Missouri Breaks early in the morning Another View of the Breaks Rolling Hills and Gullies in the Breaks

Prime Hunting Habitat in the Missouri Breaks Another View of the Missouri Breaks Region Buttes and Draws in the Missouri Breaks

Remains of Old Corral or Outbuilding More Prime Elk Hunting Habitat Plains and Forests make great hunting

Rock Outcroppings and Deep Draws create difficult hunting conditions Lonely Road in the Plains Sunset near Winnett

Sunset over the Judith Mountains Looking for Elk Hunting Party

View of the Judith Mountains View of the Missouri River Another View of the Missouri

Scenic River Valley in the Missouri Breaks The Missouri River Another View of the Missouri River

Sunrise near Winnett, Montana Blaze Orane Sunrise near Winnett Soon after Sunrise

Bush, Birds Nest and Sunrise Panoramic Photo of the Missouri River in the Breaks Region At the Bend of the Missouri River

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