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Montana Scenic Drives

Suggested Montana Scenic & Backcountry Drives

I'll go out on a limb and suggest my 10 favorite drives, ranked in order. All these drives provide superb scenery and offer something "unique" that makes the drive memorable.

Best Scenic Drives in Montana

Going to the Sun Road Going to the Sun Road

The finest drive in Montana, the Sun Road cuts through the interior of Glacier National Park and provides absolutely stunning views of the Continental Divide and beautiful mountain lakes.

Beartooth Highway Scenic Drive Beartooth Highway  (page 2)

A spectacular fifty-mile drive across the Beartooth Plateau in southern Montana and northern Wyoming, the Beartooth Highway is often called the most scenic drive in America. In my opinion, it's the 2nd - ranking only behind the Going to the Sun Road.

Gravelly Range Road Backcountry Drive Gravelly Range Road Backcountry Drive  (page 2)

A spectacular 70-mile drive across a vast and beautiful plateau in the Gravelly Range, near Ennis. Route runs between Ennis and the Centennial Valley. One of the finest drives in Montana. This route is for those seeking solitude and a complete lack of traffic.

The Northern Rocky Mountain Front Backcountry Drive Northern Rocky Mountain Front Backcountry Drive

I simply love this fantastic 31-mile drive that runs between Choteau and the Sun River. I love wide open views and I love the Rocky Mountain Front - and the views from this road are superb. And the lack of any traffic doesn't hurt, either!

Sawtell Peak Scenic Drive Sawtell Peak Scenic Drive

A 12-mile drive between Island Park, Idaho, and the 9875-foot summit of Sawtell Peak. An easy drive that provides superb views of numerous mountain ranges and dozens of high peaks.

The Mt. Haggin Scenic Drive Mt. Haggin Scenic Drive

A beautiful, paved 22-mile drive that passes through the Mt. Haggin Wildlife Management Area. This is a short but absolutely spectacular drive - especially if you take the time to explore the "side road" that leads into the refuge.

Sun River Loop Backcountry Drive Sun River Loop Scenic Byway

A 46-mile drive that makes a scenic loop outside of Augusta. This route can link up with the Northern Rocky Mountain Front Backcountry Drive, creating a spectacular and lengthy drive along the Rocky Mountain Front in Central Montana.

The National Bison Range Backcountry Byway National Bison Range Backcountry Byway

A beautiful and unique 24-mile scenic drive through the open hills and mountains of the National Bison Range. Great views of the mountains, scenic valleys and wild bison - so what more can you want?

Sweet Grass Hills Backcountry Drive Sweet Grass Hills Backcountry Drive

A 66-mile remote, backcountry route that cuts through the heart of the Sweet Grass Hills in North-Central Montana. Not a drive for those seeking big mountains or forests. Instead, this drive is for those who live exploring beautiful and undisturbed grassland prairie. If you always wanted to explore the prairie and upland grasslands, this road is the one to take.

Big Sheep Creek Backcountry Byway

A very remote fifty-five mile drive in Southwest Montana, along the Idaho border. Those seeking solitude will find it on this byway. Reason I love this drive - total solitude as well as exploring a totally forgotten corner of Montana.