YouTube is overflowing with quality video’s that show extreme (or simply interesting) trips. Some show crazy whitewater trips through Class VI rapids. Others are just documentaries of long float trips or long, wilderness paddles.

Since YouTube is a big place and often requires navigating through a maze of lower quality video’s to find the good ones, I created this page to list the “real good” paddling video’s I’ve come across on YouTube.

Video’s aren’t limited to inflatable boats. Basically, if “it floats” and if it’s a good video and I find it interesting, I list it here.

So watch and enjoy.

Kayaking Down Everest

No joke. A 45 minute documentary about kayaking the highest river on Earth. Made in 1977 but is near high-def quality. Well worth your time to watch.


Tumwater Solitude

Shorter 5 minute video, showing Class V and V+ kayaking through Tumwater canyon in Washington.


Rivering | An Ode to Whitewater Obsession

Long video…1 hour and 40 minutes. Excellent quality. Shows running the finest rivers in New Zealand.


The Last Descent

Video shows descending some of the world’s finest rivers before dams for hydropower turn these rapids into giant lakes. Run time of about 40 minutes.


Solo Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

Video is for Day 1 and is 55 minutes long. Separate videos for each day.


Eight Day Solo Canoe Trip

In Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. Video is a whopping three hours long but is top-quality.


10 Day Canoe Trip in Algonquin Park

A shorter video (30 minutes) showing a 10 day canoe trip through Algonquin Park


Float Trip on the Upper Missouri River in Montana

I did a longer version of this trip in 2016 (floating between Fort Benton and Highway 191 Bridge), but didn’t make any video’s about it. Trip details coming soon, though. Video runs about an hour.


Canoeing and Camping the St. Croix Scenic River Waterway

A popular float for people living in the Upper Midwest and one I hope to do someday.


Class IV Rapids in Patagonia

New paddler learns how to run Class IV rapids in Patagonia. Not hi-def, but still good to watch. 50 minutes.