Camping in Montana

A Buyers Guide to Tents

Few things are more crucial for camping then a good tent. I've had more than a few camping excursions - both in the backcountry and right by the car - ruined due to bad tents. Having a car camping trip ruined by a bad tent isn't a huge deal since the car is right there to "bail you out" in the event worse comes to worse.

However, as soon as you step into the backcountry, a tent becomes the second most important piece of equipment you have (behind the sleeping bag).

Since camping is so popular in Montana, I decided to throw together this guide about tents. Hopefully it will help you narrow down your choices in tents and help you decide what to get.

The Different Type of Tents

There are a multitude of differing types of tents available. Yet, at the end of the day, most tent types can be broken down into these five types.

Large Dome Tents & Family Camping Tents : The "workhorse" tent. Ideal for car camping but yet big enough to stand up in and spread out.

Learn more about Large Dome & Family Camping Tents

Four Season Tents : Tents designed for use in extreme weather and during the winter months. Expensive but money well spent if you plan on camping out in true winter weather at altitude.

Learn more about Four Season Tents

Backpacking Tents : Spending the night in the backcountry? If so, you'll need a backpacking tent. Lightweight and packable, backpacking tents are perfect for backcountry travel.

Learn more about Backpacking Tents

Outfitter Tents : Not for the backpacker or even for routine weekend camping, an outfitter tent is a heavy duty wilderness tent designed for long stays in the backcountry.

Learn more about Outfitter Tents

Tent Articles

These are some articles you may wish to read to learn more about tents.

How to Select a Backpacking Tent - What features to look for when shopping around for these types of tents.

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