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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

Montana can be cold in the summer! Don't forget your sleeping bag!!
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More than a few people have come to Montana only to have had absolutely miserable and very long nights - shivering away their night while they curse about how cold the weather is.

Well, without a warm sleeping bag, what do you expect? All too frequently, people visiting Montana show up with their new Wal-Mart special sleeping bag, only to discover that the sleeping bag is hopelessly outclassed by the cold Montana nights.

And so in an effort to prevent people from shivering their nights away in Montana, I've put together this Sleeping Bag Guide. Hopefully anyone reading this will learn more about sleeping bags and how crucial they are for having an enjoyable night out under the stars.

Types of Sleeping Bags

There are several different types of sleeping bags. Which kind you get really depends on both your budget and, most importantly, where you will be camping. To learn more about each type of sleeping bag, click on any of the links below.

3-Season Sleeping Bags : This is the best bag, by far, to use for three season all-around camping. Lightweight yet warm, the ideal summer, fall and spring bag.

Learn more About Three Season Sleeping Bags

Lightweight Sleeping Bags : These sleeping bags are designed for weather above freezing - only. Good for some uses, but not well-rounded for three-season use in many areas.

Learn more about Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Winter Sleeping Bags : Good for temperatures down to around -40 degrees. Warm, heavy and bulky. Still, it keeps you warm when it's cold outside.

Learn more about Winter Sleeping Bags

Other Sleeping Bag Information

Listed below are some articles you may wish to read to learn more about sleeping bags.

  • Sleeping Bag Guyers Guide - Learn about the different types of sleeping bags available.
  • Sleeping Bag Insulation - Here we will look at the different types of insulation available for sleeping bags and what kind you should get.
  • Sleeping Bag Care - How to care for your new sleeping bag so that it will work as well as the first day you bought it.
  • Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings - Everything you wanted to know, and some stuff you didn't, about temperature ratings used in sleeping bags.

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