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Trout for Dinner! Remember Your Camp Stove?
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More than a few good outdoor dinners have been completely ruined by people who have "visions." These "visions" are people who see themselves cooking a full-blown, good tasting dinner over an open-fire - all the while having a great time. Too often, though, these visions meet the hot wall of reality. I mean, really, who wants to stand over a hot, smoky campfire for hours at a time, only to eat smoky tasting food that is half done in some spots and horribly burned in others? And gee...isn't it fun to run around and gather all that firewood - especially in a campground that has already been "picked over" by previous campers?

Happily, camp stoves have been invented to rescue the campground chef from smelly clothes, burnt food and lots of choice four-letter-words. Moreover, a camp stove may even rescue an entire camping trip too - since it is quite frequent anymore to ban campfires altogether in some areas of popular outdoor areas due to "overbrowsing" by people of the nearby trees to gather wood. And here in Montana, campfires are frequently banned during fire season.

For this reason, going camping without a camp stove is a rather brain-dead thing to do.

Unfortunately, there is a pretty wide variety of camping stoves available today, most of which are at least halfway decent. So, to help the unwary camper in Montana who is faced with the decision of what to get, I've put together this little guide. Hopefully, after reading this, you might walk away with an idea of what kind of camping stove to get and where to get it.

The Two Types of Camping Stoves

There are two primary types of camping stoves available today. Which type you want to get depends, of course, on what type of camping you will be doing, your budget and how big or small of a stove you want. Listed below are the types of camp stoves available. Click on any of the links to learn more about each.

Standard Coleman Camp Stove : This is by far the most popular type of stove for traditional camping. Powered by propane, these stoves are easy to use and quick to set up.

More on Coleman Camp Stoves

Backpacking Stove : The minimalists stove. These are designed to be carried into the backcountry, but work ok for more traditional "car camping " too.

More about Backpacking Stoves

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