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Few things beat a cot for sleeping on while camping in the Great Outdoors

Cots are about as close as you can get to having your bed in your tent. Yet, all cots are not created alike. Indeed, more than a few people, myself included, have spent long, miserable nights on very uncomfortable cots. Because of this, I've put together a few things you might want to follow when shopping around for a cot.

Cot Pad - Make sure the cot either comes with a cot pad (or an air bed) or has the ability to have one added. The reason? Wamth! Without a cot pad (or at least extra thick padding), cold air will invade your "sleeping space" from the bottom, making you cold. In essence, in terms of warmth, sleeping without a cot pad is like sleeping on the ground without a sleeping pad!

Cot Pad or Airbed on top of the cot? - You have two choices here. The cot pad is easier to use and more durable. The bad news is that they can be bulky. An air bed will fold down flat once deflated. Both work equally well in terms of comfort and warmth. If space is at a premium, get an air bed for the top. Otherwise, go with a cot pad.

Cot Accessories - Some cots come with a bewildering array of accessories you can attach. These can be ideal for extended camping stays (such as at your hunting base), but kind of a pain to use for just the occasional one day use. So if you use the cot a lot, consider making sure it can take these accessories. Otherwise, you can probably pass on it.

Listed below are some cots that work well for camping that are available through Cabela's.


Blantex Heavy Duty Steel Folding Spring Cot - Navy Blue

Blantex Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Cot

Blantex Heavy-Duty Steel Special-Needs Cot

Byer of Maine Paradisio Hammocks (TERRA COTTA)

Cabela's Alaskan Guide Cot Kit with Lever Arm - Black

Cabela's Alaskan Guide Cot with Lever Arm (AGM COT W)

Cabela's Army Cot

Cabela's Camp Cot Brown

Cabela's Cot Tree

Cabela's Cot Tree Nightstand for Army Cot

Cabela's Deluxe Cot Pad (REGULAR 28X77)

Cabela's Deluxe Tent Cot Single - Green (SINGLE)

Cabela's Kuddle Lounge - Apricot (SMALL)

Cabela's Lightning Set Cot

Cabela's Lightweight Cot

Cabela's Lounge Cot

Cabela's Outfitter XL Cot with Pivot Arm (XL COT PIVOT ARM)

Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak 12-ft. x 12-ft. Tent with Two Army Cots

Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak 12-ft. x 20-ft. Tent with Two Army Cots

Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak 13-ft. x 27-ft. Tent with Four Army Cots

Cabela's Women's Basic Fleece Hoodie - Golden Apricot (SMALL)

Cabela's Women's Print Game Day Hoodie - Multi Pass Apricot (Medium)

Coleman Cot with Air Bed Queen

Coleman Cot with Air Bed Twin

Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Cot Bunk Beds - Green (XL)

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk Cots - Silver

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk Cots with Organizers - Lime Green

Duck Commander 1972 Premium Series Duck Calls - Bocote

Echo Calls Bocote Clear Double Duck Call

Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50 Stand - Terra Cotta

Helinox Max Cot - Black

ICOtec AD400 Attachable Predator Decoy

ICOtec Gc101XI Electronic Predator Call

ICOtec Gc300 Electronic Predator Call

ICOtec GC350 Electronic Predator Call - Coyote

ICOtec GC500 Electronic Predator Call - Coyote

ICOtec Pd200 Electronic Predator Decoy

KCoolin' Gel Pet Cot (MEDIUM)

Keen Women's of Scots Boots - Magnet 'Black/Yellow' (7)

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