Montana Maps

With the explosion in the vast amount of travel books today, it is probably no surprise that many now cover Montana in one fashion or another. Whether you need, or want, a guidebook is a matter of personal preference

However, keep in mind that Montana IS a big state - and has lots of hidden little gems in unlikely places. And even the more popular places, such as Glacier National Park, have many attractions few visitors ever see.

Other maps detailed on this site:

Note, if you plan on venturing off the main highways, whether to simply explore or do some remote camping, the Montana Atlas & Gazetteer is an absolute must.

GPS Note: If you're looking for a GPS unit that actually works "off the pavement", I'd suggest:

Garmin DriveSmart GPS Units - Lifetime free map updates and units cost $100 - $200, depending on size. The key thing with a GPS for offroad travel is the basemap. With these units, you can download detailed basemaps for Montana (and all other states) that show, quite literally, everything - including public land ownership and national parks. As a bonus, it also includes all businesses, too. Super unit and is the one I have and use. Be sure to get one with voice control - it comes in really handy.

Montana Maps

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Montana Road & Recreation Atlas Montana Road & Recreation Atlas - Anyone who plans to venture off the main highways in Montana should have a detailed map book. This Atlas covers all back roads and provides tons of other info about outdoor recreation in Montana. Highly suggested for anyone visiting Montana.
DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer Paper Maps- Montana Atlas & Gazetteer DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer Paper Maps- Montana Atlas & Gazetteer - This is another superb map book. The big difference between this one and the others available is that the maps in this Atlas are topographical.
Montana Recreation Map Montana Recreation Map - If you don't want or need a big "map book" like the two shown above, this works fairly well. But it isn't nearly as detailed as the "map books" above.
Idaho Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas Idaho Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas - If you plan to pass thorugh Idaho on your way to Montana and want to see more of the state than just the highways, get this atlas book. Just as detailed as the Montana version.
Easy To Fold: Montana, Wyoming Easy To Fold: Montana, Wyoming - If you just need a basic map, this works as well as any. The durable and convenient Montana and Wyoming EasyToFold state map will take all the wear and tear your journey can dish out. The heavy-duty laminated design allows you to mark your route, make notes, then wipe the surface clean for further use.
Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas: 3rd Edition Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas: 3rd Edition - The Wyoming version of the Montana Road & Recreation Atlas. Ideal if you're passing through Wyoming and want to get off the main highways.