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Butte Photographs

Butte, as you probably know if you read the Butte travel guide section, is a very interesting city. All the historic buildings, abandoned mining rigs, active strip mines and other historical items of interest make Butte an unique place to visit. Shown on this page are various pictures and photographs of Butte that I've taken.

Photo Use Policy : Please read the photo use policy if you would like to use any of these photos for online or offline use.

Butte Pictures

Entrance to the Berkeley Pit Looking Down on the Berkeley Pit and Other Strip Mines from above Butte Active mining operations still occur near the Berkeley Pit Strip Mine

Reflections of the mountains in the Berkeley Pit The water in the Berkeley Pitt is VERY hazardous to your health! Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Electric Train

Encouraging Sign about Butte Montana Looking down on the City of Butte, Montana The Copper King Mansion in Butte, Montana

Uptown Butte Uptown Butte #2 Uptown Butte #3

Uptown Butte #4 Ghost Signs The Lexington Stamp Mill and Lexington Gardens

Sign explaining the Lexington Stamp Mill Looking Down on various strip mines from the Miners Memorial The Miners Memorial in Butte, Montana

An old and abandoned mining rig in Butte Looking towards Montana Technical University A panoramic Photo of Butte, Montana

Restored Building Front in Butte Numerous abandoned mining rigs and platforms dot the skyline around Butte Another View of Butte from a Hill Outside Town

Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Historical Photo    

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