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Your Friendly, Neightborhood Grizzly bear

Camping with Man's best friend is always "interesting", not to mention popular. The unpredictible nature of dogs can lead to a wide variety of funny things when camping, such as having your dog chase a deer, dive into a cold mountain lake unexpectadly, and many more memorable adventures.

Yet, in certain areas of Montana, there is a "dark side" to camping and hiking with your dog. And the "dark side" has the name of "Grizzly Bear." In some places of Montana, particularly in/around Glacier National Park, dogs on the trails (and sometimes even in campgrounds) are not allowed. Too many people, this is a big disappointment since they have dragged their four-legged, furry companion on a 1000+ mile voyage, only to have to lock the dog in the car while the owners are out on the trail.

Yet, as "cruel" as this may seem, there is a very, very valid reason for this. And the name of the reason is "Grizzly Bear."

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