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Montana Scenic Drives

Southern Montana Scenic & Backcountry Drives

On this page are listings of the various scenic drives and backcountry byways found in the southern part of Montana, including those around Yellowstone National Park. Several drives in this section are also located in Wyoming, too.

Absarokee Loop Scenic Drive Absarokee Scenic Loop

A forty-four mile scenic loop that begins and ends in the nice little town of Absarokee. The drive passes through the scenic valleys and foothills of the Beartooth Mountains.

Beartooth Front Scenic Drive Beartooth Front Scenic Drive

A paved, forty-six mile drive between Columbus and Red Lodge. The drive follows the Stillwater River and passes through the open foothills of the Beartooth Mountains, providing excellent views.

Beartooth Highway Scenic Drive Beartooth Highway  (page 2)

A spectacular fifty-mile drive across the Beartooth Plateau in southern Montana and northern Wyoming. Superb views of the Beartooth Mountains and surrounding mountains in Wyoming.

Boulder River Backcountry Drive Boulder River Backcountry Drive

A forty-seven mile journey into the heart of the Absaroka Mountains, south of Big Timber. Route also passes by Natural Bridge National Monument and closely follows the scenic Boulder River.

Bridger Creek Backcountry Drive Bridger Creek Backcountry Drive

A twenty-nine mile drive between Absarokee and Interstate 90. The drive crosses an empty grassland plain that provides nice views of the Beartooth & Crazy Mountains.

Centennial Valley Backcountry Drive Centennial Valley Backcountry Drive

A beautiful, 53-mile excursion through the sprawling and empty Centennial Valley, along the Montana/Idaho border. Excellent views of the Centennial Mountains and Red Rock Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Chief Joseph Scenic Byway Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

A scenic and historic forty-six mile drive that follows the path of the Nez Perce as they fled the US Calvary. Located in Northwest Wyoming, the Byway provides excellent mountain and canyon views.

Ennis Lake Scenic Loop Ennis Lake Scenic Loop

A short, twenty-three mile drive that makes a scenic loop around Ennis Lake, near Ennis, Montana.

Gravelly Range Road Backcountry Drive Gravelly Range Road Backcountry Drive  (page 2)

A spectacular 70-mile drive across a vast and beautiful plateau in the Gravelly Range, near Ennis. Route runs between Ennis and the Centennial Valley. One of the finest drives in Montana.

Luther-Roscoe Scenic Drive Luther-Roscoe Scenic Drive

A short, eighteen-mile journey through the rolling foothills of the Beartooth Mountains. Super mountain views, just off the main highway.

Paradise Valley Scenic Loop Paradise Valley Scenic Loop

A paved 62-mile scenic loop south of Livingston through the beautiful Paradise Valley.

Ruby River Road Backcountry Drive Ruby River Road Backcountry Drive

A scenic sixty-four mile drive along the Ruby River and through the Snowcrest Range. May be combined with the Gravelly Range Road Backcountry Drive to make a beautiful and remote loop.

Sawtell Peak Scenic Drive Sawtell Peak Scenic Drive

A 12-mile drive between Island Park, Idaho, and the 9875-foot summit of Sawtell Peak. The views of Yellowstone Park, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming from the summit of Sawtell Peak are superb.

West Boulder Backcountry Drive West Boulder Backcountry Drive

This twenty-four mile route provides excellent views of the Absaroka Mountains as it runs between Livingston and McLeod, Montana.