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Yaak River

Yaak River

Yaak River

Yaak River in northwest Montana
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The Yaak River begins in British Columbia, as the North Fork Yaak, flowing for 25 miles before entering Montana. Three miles across the border, the East Fork Yaak joins the North Fork, giving rise to the Yaak River. The West Fork Yaak joins the Yaak River four miles further downstream. The river then flows through heavily wooded, mountainous terrain until its confluence with the Kootenai River.

The Yaak River flows through sparsely inhabited country, passing through only one town on it's way to the Kootenai, a tiny town called Yaak Village. The valley the Yaak River travels through, known as the Yaak Valley, has also been extensively logged, hampering both the fly fishing due to extensive sediment run-off and the feeling of solitude and isolation due to the marks of the clear cuts.

Use of the Yaak River is generally quite low. Most of the fishing and floating pressure on the Yaak River comes from the local population, as few out-state fisherman make their way up to this remote and isolated section of Montana on a Montana fly fishing trip.

Despite the logging, the Yaak region has extensive wildlife, including grizzly bears, black bears and a healthy population of moose. It also offers decent fishing. And in its lower stretches, it offers the daring floater some wonderful rafting or kayaking opportunities.

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