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The Lakes of Northwest Montana

Northwest Montana Lakes

Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana
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Northwest Montana has most of the natural lakes that are found in Montana that lie outside of the mountains. The lakes found in this region range from small ponds to the largest freshwater lake west of the continental divide - Flathead Lake. All the lakes in this region offer a wealth of fishing opportunities for both cold-water species such as trout and warm-water species like bass.

Many of the lakes in this region are found very close to large towns and resorts, allowing for excellent services and lodging - in stark contrast to many other Montana lakes and reservoirs. The lakes in this region are also very scenic, with thick forests and towering mountains flanking most of these lakes.

The lakes in Northwest Montana, particularly Flathead Lake, Swan Lake and Whitefish Lake, due to their scenic beauty and proximity to popular tourist attractions such as Glacier National Park, receive heavy use. Most of the pressure comes in the form of pleasure boating and waterskiing, reducing any chances for finding solitude except in poor weather or in the off-season. Other lakes, such as the smaller Holland Lake and Ashley Lake, provide excellent fly fishing in a remote and scenic environment.

Despite their generally heavy use, the lakes in this region are well worth visiting for an angler on a Montana fly fishing trip. Many of the lakes have excellent trout fishing. And even if the trout aren't biting - the scenic beauty of many of these lakes makes any day spent on the water a rewarding one.

Unlike many of the other lakes in Montana, several lakes in Northwest Montana are close to "major Montana cities," if you want to use that word a bit loosely. The towns of Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Bigfork are all located close to many of the most popular lakes in Northwest Montana...thus allowing for many services and lodging options not found elsewhere in Montana.

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