Created by Hungry Horse Dam on the South Fork Flathead River, Hungry Horse Reservoir is a 23,500 acre reservoir lies in beautiful and remote terrain.

For fishing, Hungry Horse Reservoir comes up lacking. The reservoir is managed for power production purposes, and during low water, simply reaching the lake is a challenge.

The lake is also not stocked, unlike most other reservoirs in Montana. For those who want to attempt to fish Hungry Horse Reservoir, the best locations are near inlets and bays—particularly where the South Fork Flathead River enters the reservoir.

Primary fish species in the reservoir include cutthroat trout and whitefish, along with some scattered bull trout that make their way down from the South Fork.

While not a prime fishing destination, Hungry Horse Reservoir is a very popular tourist destination. The dam itself has a very nice visitor area and provides excellent views. Camping, both using tents and RVs, are also very popular further down some of the roads that travel along the reservoir.

Access to the head of Hungry Horse Reservoir is excellent. A very scenic and decent condition gravel road (paved for a few miles near the dam) encircles the reservoir. Along the road are numerous campgrounds and boat launches. Note, this road is long—leave a good 3-4 hours if you plan to do the complete circle.

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