Tally Lake is a scenic, clear, low elevation mountain lake. Tally Lake is quite large at more than 1200 acres. Although it is not a huge lake, Tally Lake has the distinction of being the deepest natural lake in Montana, with a depth of 492 feet.

Lying in the heavily forested, lower mountains to the west of Whitefish, Tally Lake offers less than spectacular fishing in a very nice environment. Tally Lake is home to a fair number of small cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and whitefish. Additionally, the lake also has pike, lake trout and yellow perch.

Fishing pressure on the lake is low. Most use on Tally Lake is from recreational boating. The lakes attractive setting, moderate size, clear water and usually calm winds make the lake a perfect spot for paddling—whether by canoe, inflatable canoe or inflatable kayak. The lake is also popular for waterskiing and general recreational boating.

Tally Lake also as a very nice campground and a large day use area that is popular for picnicking and other day uses.

Photographs of Tally Lake

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