Holland Lake is a beautiful, 413-acre lake lying right on the western edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. Besides offering excellent fly fishing in a scenic environment, the lake has a very nice day use area, a large campground, and serves as a major trailhead for entry into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area.

Holland Lake is anything but a wilderness lake. Numerous homes ring the lake, although it is a far cry from a typical summer getaway lake. The lake is very popular for recreational boating and waterskiing, particularly on summer weekend days. If you are searching for solitude, stay away from Holland Lake on the weekend during the summer.

During the off-season, though, as well as on weekday summer days; Holland Lake is not overly used. In short, if you plan on fishing the lake, do it during the weekdays or the fall or spring. Moreover, fishing pressure itself is quite low—most use on the lake consists of pleasure boating, not fishing.

Holland Lake has excellent fishing for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and whitefish. Kokanee salmon and bull trout are also found in Holland Lake.  Montana FWP regularly stocks the lake with kokanee and west slop cutthroat trout.

Due to the fairly large size of the lake and all the private property that lies around it, shore fishing really can’t be done successfully. As such, a boat of one variety or another must be used. Canoes, motorboats, inflatable kayaks, pontoon boats and inflatable canoes can all be used successfully to fish the lake. The best trout fishing is found along the shoreline, particularly in the morning and evening hours.

Holland Lake has very easy access. It is located just a short drive up a decent gravel road from Highway 83. The town of Seeley Lake lies about twenty miles south of the lake and provides most services that a visiting angler could want. The small town of Condon is also nearby and offers a few services as well.

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