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Hamilton, Montana : Information and Photos

Downtown Hamilton, Montana
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Sitting in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Southwest Montana, Hamilton is a clean, busy and scenic Montana town. The county seat of Ravalli County and having a population of 5000 people, the downtown core of Hamilton is a busy place, especially during the summer. Additionally, Hamilton’s location along the busy US Highway 93 guarantees a long line of people passing through town on their way further north into Montana or heading south into Idaho.

Hamilton has an ideal location for both work and play. In recent years, Hamilton has become a “very outlying” area for people to live who work in Missoula. Hamilton is likely to attract more people who commute to work in Missoula in the future, too, now that the reconstruction of US Highway 93 (which added two additional lanes, among other improvements) is finished.

Hamilton also has an ideal location for outdoor recreation. The Bitterroot River, which has superb trout fishing, flows right through town. The scenic Bitterroot Mountains rise to the west of town, and form the eastern boundary of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area. To the east of town rise the Sapphire Mountains, which have excellent hunting. Finally, the Skalkaho Highway Scenic Byway, which crosses the Sapphire Mountains on its way to the Phillipsburg Valley begins just to the south of town.

Although Hamilton is a busy place and has grown tremendously in the past 10 or so years, Hamilton still has a small town feel to it. And since Hamilton is forty-eight miles from Missoula, the countryside around Hamilton, especially to the east and south, hasn’t been over-run with runaway housing or retail developments (yet).

Overall, visitors to Hamilton shouldn’t be disappointed. The recent growth in Hamilton has brought many new services to town, sparing tourists from having to drive further north toward Missoula in search of supplies or lodging. Yet the small-town feel of Hamilton remains, making the town itself a great little destination spot. And for those heading out into the mountains to do some hiking, camping or fishing, Hamilton couldn’t be located in a better location.

Photographs of Hamilton

Downtown Hamilton : Photo #1 Downtown Hamilton : Photo #2 Downtown Hamilton : Photo #3

Where to Stay in Hamilton

Hamilton is a popular stay-over spot for people traveling down US Highway 93. Camping is also readily accessible just outside of town, too.

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