The Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge has a number of lakes and ponds. The two primary lakes, Upper Red Rock Lake and Lower Red Rock Lake, are closed to all fishing in order to protect waterfowl habitat.

Boating restrictions also apply. As fishing and boating regulations are subject to change on these lakes, before heading out to Upper Red Rock Lake or Lower Red Rock Lake, be sure to visit the refuges Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge Website for the latest information.

While the two primary lakes are closed to fishing, several ponds within the refuge, along with the Red Rock River itself, have decent fishing for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and grayling (which must be released). However, due to the floating restrictions on the two primary lakes, getting access to the river as well as the ponds can be difficult.

Regardless of the limited lake fishing opportunities on the refuge, Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge provides outstanding wildlife viewing for waterfowl, deer and antelope in a very beautiful setting, with the Centennial Mountains providing a stunning backdrop to the area. The Centennial Valley, a large, broad and very isolated valley also has its own unique charm.

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