Clark Canyon Reservoir offers some of the finest lake fishing for rainbow trout in Montana. Each year the reservoir is heavily stocked with fast growing strains of rainbow trout. Due to the warm water and fertility of the reservoir (the reservoir has hatches), these trout become large and feed aggressively.

Clark Canyon Reservoir, located south of Dillon, is the headwaters of the Beaverhead River and the terminus of the Red Rock River. Access to the reservoir is excellent, as it lies just off Interstate 15. A number of dirt roads ring most parts of the reservoir, allowing for easy access to all parts of this 5000-acre lake.

Use of Clark Canyon Reservoir is quite high. It receives heavy use from personal watercraft, water-skiers and pleasure boaters. It also receives fairly heavy use from fisherman due to the high quality of the fishing.

Large streamers work well for the larger trout in the reservoir, while smaller flies fished on top will catch the smaller fish when they are actively feeding.

The large size of the reservoir, combined with frequent high winds and lots of motorboats, do not present ideal conditions for floaters using boats that require paddling. Motorboats are the boat of choice. During lighter winds or the off-season, boats such as canoes, inflatable canoes, inflatable flatwater kayaks and pontoon boats work fine.

The reservoir often gets very low by late summer due to irrigation withdrawals—especially during low snow years.

Access to the reservoir is excellent. A boat ramp exists near the dam. Campgrounds are abundant around the reservoir—and primitive camping spots are also available. Since I-15 passes by the reservoir, however, the eastern side of the lake isn’t the quietest of spots to camp.

For those not wanting to camp, Dillon has many good lodging options. View hotels in Dillon.

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