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Lower Two Medicine Lake

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Lower Two Medicine Lake

Lower Two Medicine Lake
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Lower Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park is a natural lake that has its level regulated by a dam. The lake itself lies partially in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, and as a result you will need a permit the fish the lower half of the lake. The upper section of Lower Two Medicine Lake lies within Glacier National Park - thus a permit is not required.

Lower Two Medicine Lake is an attractive lake and is quite long. Steep, tall mountains flank the upper half of the lake, providing a beautiful setting for any day of fishing.

Access to Lower Two Medicine Lake is not the best. While Two Medicine Road follows the lake on its northern side, in order to reach the lakeshore requires bushwhacking down a fairly steep slope and through dense wood. Unlike many other lakes in Glacier National Park, no maintained or marked trails go around the lake.

Lower Two Medicine Lake
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The fishing in Lower Two Medicine Lake consists primarily of rainbow trout and brook trout, both of which average around 10-12 inches in size. The lake can be windy, as it lies on the eastern side of Glacier National Park, thus making casting a challenge. Due to the lakes large size and often-windy conditions, float tubes are not the best option for floating. Instead, consider a pontoon boat or inflatable kayak, as these craft are better able to withstand the windy conditions.

Pressure on Lower Two Medicine Lake is very light, for both fishing and other recreational boating. The lack of a boat ramp keeps all motorized boats off the lake (although an unofficial boat ramp of sorts does exist on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation side of the lake) and the difficult hike down to the lake keeps most fishermen away as well. If you are looking for a relatively easy lake to reach that will provide solitude in a scenic setting, Lower Two Medicine Lake is a good choice.

There are no campgrounds on Lower Two Medicine Lake. The closest campground is found not far away, however, as the Two Medicine Campground is just up the road on the shore of Two Medicine Lake.

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