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Two Medicine Lake

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Two Medicine Lake

Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park
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Two Medicine Lake is a beautiful lake found in the southeast section of Glacier National Park. The eastern shore of Two Medicine Lake has several services along with a fairly large campground.

Fishing and recreational boating pressure on Two Medicine Lake is quite light. Most of the use of the lake comes from people out on the lake canoeing or the periodic sightseeing boat that also serves as a handy shuttle dropping hikers off on their way into the interior of Glacier National Park. Very few people actually fish Two Medicine Lake.

The fishing on Two Medicine Lake is very good for brook trout and rainbow trout. The brook trout, in particular, provide wonderful fishing and average between 10-12 inches. These fish are eager and will hit most any dry fly presented their way in a decent manner.

Since Two Medicine Lake lies on the east side of the continental divide, windy conditions on the lake are common - thus making fly fishing a challenge. If high winds drive you off the lake, consider going just past the lakes outlet down to Pray Lake (which borders the Two Medicine Campground). This lake is much smaller and much more sheltered from the wind. This lake also receives the most fishing pressure due to the proximity of the campground.

Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park
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Access to Two Medicine Lake is excellent. The eastern side of the lake is well developed, with a road ending right at the lakes shoreline. Additionally, the shoreline on the eastern end of the lake is exposed gravel and small rock, making walking along it easy. The remainder of the lakes shoreline is followed by a number of hiking trails, most of which are very close to the lake.

The Two Medicine Campground provides camping right at the base of Two Medicine Lake. Several backcountry campsites are also located near the western end of Two Medicine Lake.

Two Medicine Lake also serves as a focal point for numerous trailheads that lead off into the interior of Glacier National Park. The beautiful Dawson-Pitamakin Loop Trail begins at Two Medicine, as do the Upper Two Medicine Lake Trail, the Cobalt Lake Trail and the Scenic Point Trail.

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