The Lakes of Glacier National Park
Lake Sherburne

Mt. Gould in Glacier Park

Lake Sherburne

Lake Sherburne in Glacier National Park
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Lake Sherburne lies at the eastern edge of Glacier National Park, in the scenic Many Glacier Valley. Lake Sherburne is not a natural lake but is instead a reservoir, created from regulating the flows of Swiftcurrent Creek. As such, it is subject to all the horrors that any reservoir has - fluctuating water levels with very low water later during the summer.

Lake Sherburne is quite large and stretches for more than 3 miles during normal pools. Due to its size, a boat is generally required to fish this lake adequately. Unfortunately, there is no boat dock on Lake Sherburne, limiting any boat to whatever you can drag down from the nearby Many Glacier Road. As such, inflatable rafts, canoes or pontoon boats are your best boats for this lake. A float tube will only work when the wind is light - an even that does not occur often.

The area around Lake Sherburne is quite scenic. The lake lies in the exceptionally scenic Many Glacier Valley and the tall mountains just to the west provide a beautiful backdrop for this lake. While the lake is scenic, the fishing is less than spectacular. The lake provides fishing for northern pike and brook trout, although the fluctuating levels of the lake hamper the brook trout fishing.

While Lake Sherburne does not have a boat dock, access to the lake is easy. Just pull over on the Many Glacier Road on one of the many pull-outs and take the short, easy walk down to the lake.

In addition to easy road access, several trails follow the lakeshore near the lakes inlet. For an angler wanting to fish this lake away from the noise of the road, taking the short hike the Cracker Lake Trail will provide solitude and stunning scenery. Other nearby hiking trails up in the Many Glacier Valley include the Iceberg Lake Trail, the Grinnell Glacier Trail and the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail.

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