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Hidden Lake

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Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake
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Hidden Lake is one of the most visited places away from the road in Glacier National Park. Lying nearly at the top of the continental divide, the overlook of the lake is easily reached by a relatively flat hike of 1.5 miles. To reach the lake itself requires a bit more effort, as to reach the lakeshore requires an additional hike of 1.5 miles down a relatively moderate grade. The parking area to reach Hidden Lake is at the Logan Pass Visitor Center that is located right at the top of the Going to the Sun Road.

Hidden Lake, due to its excellent fishing for Yellowstone cutthroat trout and its easy access, receives heavy fishing pressure. As a result, all fishing on Hidden Lake is catch-and-release.

Most of the fishing pressure on Hidden Lake occurs at the end of the Hidden Lake Trail, near the lakes outlet. The lake receives substantially less fishing pressure further down the lake. While Hidden Lake is very popular for fishing, anglers who don't mind walking down the lakeshore for a mile or two can find a measure of solitude in an absolutely stunning setting.

Since Hidden Lake receives a lot of fishing pressure, the fish are not as gullible as is found in most other backcountry lakes. As a result, fishing for the Yellowstone cutthroat trout in Hidden Lake can require some patience. During calm weather, light tippets and small dry flies work well. During windier weather, which occurs frequently due to the lakes high elevation and location near the top of the continental divide, fishing using streamers and wet flies on a sinking tip line is usually required. Good, careful presentation is also important when fishing Hidden Lake.

Hidden Lake
Photo Use Guidelines

Hidden Lake is not a huge lake and is relatively protected from the high winds by its location deep down in a bowl. As such, a fisherman can successfully fish Hidden Lake using either a portable pontoon boat or a float tube. The trail to Hidden Lake is well maintained and a fairly easy hike, allowing anglers to bring in portable boats with relative ease. No motors are allowed on Hidden Lake.

To reach Hidden Lake, simply park at the Logan Pass Visitor Center. During the summer, make sure you arrive early. The parking lot at Logan Pass frequently fills up early and will remain full into early evening. From the parking lot, just take the nice, partially board walked trail to the Hidden Lake Overlook. Then just follow the trail down to the lake itself. The trail and Hidden Lake itself all are located in excellent Grizzly Bear habitat. As a result, from time to time the trail and lake itself are closed due to Grizzly Bear activity. Be sure to get the latest trail status report from a park ranger or from the Glacier Park website before heading out.

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