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Red Rock Lake

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Red Rock Lake is a very scenic lake that also has decent fishing for brook trout. Red Rock Lake is located along Swiftcurrent Creek, in the Many Glacier Valley of Glacier National Park. Red Rock Lake, due as much to its scenic beauty as its good fishing, receives quite a bit of use. From the lake, you get a superb view of the Continental Divide, Mt. Wilbur, Grinnell Point and Mt. Grinnell.

Additionally, reaching Red Rock Lake is quite easy, at least in comparison to many other backcountry lakes in Glacier. To get to the lake, just hike along the Swiftcurrent Pass Hiking Trail for 2 miles, going past Fishercap Lake in the process. The hike to Red Rock Lake is very easy – except for a few short, small gradients, the hike is basically flat.

Red Rock Lake has very solid fishing for brook trout, generally in the 10-12 inch range. While you are unlikely to catch a monster brookie out of the lake, some larger ones do inhabit the lake. Additionally, as the fish are brook trout, not the rare Western cutthroat trout or Yellowstone cutthroat trout, feel free to keep a few for your dinner if you want. Just make sure that if you do decide to take some fish that you have a way to carry the fish back to the trailhead in a “odorless” way (such as putting inside several air-tight plastic bags). The reason for this is that the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail does cut through some nice bear territory. In short, take some precautions so you don’t lose your catch to the local bears on the hike back to the trailhead.

Both spin fisherman and fly fisherman will enjoy fishing Red Rock Lake. For the spin fisherman, many small spoons will work great. Just be aware that most of the fishing pressure is at the foot and head of the lake. Moreover, the foot of the lake can be shallow in many places. For best results, find some deeper water away from the head of the lake. The fish will be larger and less spooky.

The fly fisherman can also do very well, although don’t expect great top water action during the afternoon. During the morning and evening hours, small dry flies will work very well. In the afternoon, especially on warm, sunny days, you’ll need to fish down deep, using nymphs.

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Also, keep in mind that Red Rock Lake is fairly large, being 36 acres. Anglers can find both solitude and less spooky fish by bushwhacking around to the southern shore of the lake (the hiking trail passes on the northern and western shore of the lake).

There is no camping at Red Rock Lake. However, the Many Glacier Campground is located down by the trailhead.

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