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Bullhead Lake

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Bullhead Lake is a beautiful lake located in an absolutely stunning setting. Bullhead Lake is located, quite literally, at the foot of the Continental Divide. From the lake, the mountains soar far above the lake, providing for a beautiful location to spend some time fishing.

Best of all, Bullhead Lake has some pretty decent fishing, too. Like Red Rock Lake, Bullhead Lake provides solid fishing for brook trout. There are actually two Bullhead Lakes, an upper and lower. Both of these lakes are accessible from the Swiftcurrent Pass Hiking Trail, with the upper lake being more accessible and more used. Swiftcurrent Creek itself runs between these two lakes – and provides for some fishing opportunities as well.

Bullhead Lake, due to its greater distance from the trailhead down in the Many Glacier Valley, does not receive nearly the fishing pressure that Red Rock Lake does. Still, it never hurts to move away from the “obvious” spots where the fishing pressure exists – such as right where a trail ends along the shores of the lake.

Upper Bullhead Lake is surprisingly large, measuring over 40 acres. Additionally, much of the shoreline is relatively open, making most areas of the lake at least moderately fly fishing friendly. Like at Red Rock Lake, fly fisherman will have luck with small dry flies during the morning and afternoon hours, but will have to go deep with nymphs during the afternoons, especially on warm, sunny days. Spin fisherman will also have good luck using small spinners, spoons and worms.

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Lower Bullhead Lake provides for similar fishing, although the shores of Lower Bullhead Lake tend to be a bit bushier. Also, don't pass up fishing on Swiftcurrent Creek between the two lakes - a nice run exists and because it is well away from the trail, fishing pressure is relatively light.

Bullhead Lake is reached by taking a 3.4 mile hike up the Swiftcurrent Pass Hiking Trail, which begins down in the Many Glacier Valley area of the park. Additionally, the trail passes by both Fishercap Lake and Red Rock Lake before reaching Bullhead Lake. Red Rock Lake tends to “intercept” most of the anglers, allowing Bullhead Lake to have significantly lower fishing pressure. For our section that provides information about Hiking the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail for additional information about hiking this beautiful and easy trail.

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