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Fishercap Lake

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Fishercap Lake is located in the Many Glacier Valley of Glacier National Park, .8 miles up the Swiftcurrent Pass Hiking Trail. Moreover, the trail to the lake from the trailhead is basically flat – making for a very easy, short hike. To reach the trailhead of the Swiftcurrent Pass Hiking Trail, just follow the Many Glacier Road until it ends. The trailhead is at the end of the parking lot, right in front of the lodge and restaurant.

Unfortunately, Fishercap Lake is one of those lakes in the park that provide beautiful scenery and, unfortunately, poor fishing. Fishercap Lake is quite shallow and silty – not a good combination for large fish. Additionally, the shores around much of the lake can be rather boggy. If you plan on fishing from shore and want to have access to much of the shoreline, plan on bringing some waders or hippers.

The lake itself is inhabited by a sizable population of small brook trout. Since the lake has a good population of small brook trout, the angler in search of some fish to keep for dinner will find Fishercap Lake a good destination. The fish are easy to catch, especially in the mornings and evenings, and the “taking” of a few small brook trout isn’t going to hurt anything. Moreover, as lake is located very close to the parking lot, a fisherman shouldn’t have to worry about being “ambushed” by a grizzly bear intent on taking the anglers catch on the walk back down to civilization. That said, it still is probably a good idea to take some bear spray with you, as the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail does pass through some nice bear habitat.

There is no camping at Fishercap Lake. Happily, the Many Glacier Campground is located just a easy one mile hike away. However, be advised that during the summer, the Many Glacier Campground fills up very early. To get a camp spot, be prepared to get there very early.

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