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Pishkun Reservoir

Pishkun Reservoir

Pishkun Reservoir in central Montana
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Pishkun Reservoir is a 1500 acre reservoir that sits along the Rocky Mountain Front. It is quite scenic and relatively easy to get to. Although only a scattering of trees are found around the lake, the mountains to the west tower above the landscpae, providing a beautiful backdrop for any fishing party.

Fish species include rainbow trout, northern pike and yellow perch. An excellent fishing access site exists on the lake, allowing for easy boat access. Due to the often VERY windy conditions that can occur on the lake, a float tube is probably not the best method of fishing this large reservoir except on those rare calm days or early in the mornings/late in the evenings. Instead, consider either a hard shell motorboat or an inflatable kayak. A canoe also will work well if more than one person will be in it (rowing a canoe by oneself against a forty miles-per-hour wind is not fun or easy).

Pishkun Reservoir in Central Montana at Sunset
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Access to the reservoir is excellent. Outside of the designated fishing access site, a fisherman can frequently hop off one of the many roads that ring the reservoir and fish right from the bank. While conditions can be frequently windy, a small inflatable kayak or canoe can also work well for fishing on the lake.

To get to Pishkun Reservoir, go to the town of Choteau and follow Highway 287 just south of town. Then, just follow the fishing access signs to get to the reservoir, which lies about fifteen miles away off a decent dirt road.

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