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Whitewater Raft Repair & Accessories

Don't like to buy all that "extra stuff" when you purchase something? Well...too bad. If you buy a whitewater raft, I can guarantee that sooner or later you'll be spending money on lots of little (and sometimes, not so little) extra stuff. Worse...it's not an expenditure of "choice." Instead, you'll have to spend due to need - after all, floating a river with Class IV rapids without a repair kit is a really stupid idea! Also, don't forget to protect the gear you might have with either some Dry Bags or Dry Boxes, too. Water has a nasty tendency to destroy precious little things like cameras, cell phones and iPods.

All of the items below are available direct through NRS.

Raft Accessories, Maintenance and Repair

Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive

Clifton Hypalon Accelerator

Clifton Hypalon Adhesive

Clifton Urethane Adhesive

G/flex 650-8 Epoxy Adhesive

G/flex 655-8 Epoxy Adhesive

Gear Aid Seam Grip

H2 Glue

McNett Cotol-240 Accelerator

McNett Iron Mend

McNett Seal Cement - Black

McNett Seal Cement - Clear

Shore Adhesive

Stabond Adhesive

Gear Aid ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner

Inflatable Boat Cleaner

McNett Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo

MEK PVC Solvent

MiraZyme Gear Deodorizer

Nikwax Tech Wash

Sink The Stink Gear Deodorizer

Toluol (Toluene)

AIRE 1" PVC D-Ring Patch

AIRE 1.5" PVC D-Ring Patch

AIRE PVC Footcups

NRS 1" Pennel Orca D-Ring Patch

NRS 1" Plastic Replacement Buckle

NRS 1" PVC Dry Bag D-Rings

NRS 2" Pennel Orca D-Ring Patch

NRS 2" Urethane D-Ring Patch

NRS Bow/Stern D-Ring Carrying Handles

NRS Dry Bag Patch / Male End - PVC

NRS Dry Bag Patch /Female End - PVC

NRS EasyCarry Raft Handles

NRS Packraft D-Ring Patch

NRS Pennel Orca Adjustable Batten System

NRS Pennel Orca Fixed Batten System

NRS Pennel Orca Footcups

NRS Pennel Orca Raft Handles

NRS Pike IK D-Ring Patch

NRS PVC SUP Board D-Ring Patch

NRS Thwart Batten with Tie

NRS Latex Drysock

NRS Latex Neck Gasket

NRS Latex Standard Ankle Gasket

NRS Latex Wrist Gasket

1.5" Black V-Tape

AIRE PVC Raft Floor Material

AIRE PVC Raft Material

NRS Exterior Seam Tape 2.5" x 72"

NRS HD40 Wear Patch Material

NRS Interior Pennel Orca Seam Tape 1.5" x 96"

NRS Packraft Floor Material

NRS Packraft Urethane Fabric 6" x 18"

NRS Pennel Orca Exterior Seam Tape 2.5" x 60"

NRS Pennel Orca Floor Material - 18x6

NRS Pennel Orca Material - 1100d

NRS Pennel Orca Material - 1100d 6" x 18"

NRS Pennel Orca Tube Material - 1670d

NRS PVC Fabric - 1000d 6" x 18"

NRS Urethane Fabric - 1680d 6" x 18"

NRS Urethane Fabric - 840d

NRS Urethane Fabric - 840d 8" x 10"

Ethafoam Blocks

Minicell Foam

303 Aerospace Protectant

303 High Tech Fabric Guard

Gear Aid ReviveX Spray-On Water Repellent

McNett Silicone Grease Lubricant

McNett Zip Tech

Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On Waterproofing

Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In Waterproofing

AIRE Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

Aquaseal Urethane Repair Kit

G/flex 650-K Epoxy Repair Kit

G/flex 655-K Epoxy Repair Kit

Kokatat Apparel Repair Kit

NRS Cataraft Nose Cone

NRS Latex Ankle Gasket Repair Kit

NRS Latex Neck Gasket Repair Kit

NRS Latex Wrist Gasket Repair Kit

NRS Pennel Orca Cataraft Repair Kit

NRS Revolution & Osprey Raft Urethane Repair Kit

NRS Revolution Cataraft Urethane Repair Kit

Raft Sealant Kit

Tear-Aid Patch - Type A

Tear-Aid Patch - Type B

Pro Roller Hand Tool

Roller Rasp Hand Tool

2" Vinyl Hose for Valve Fill Adapters

A7 Leafield Recessed Valve

A7 Recessed Valve Boot

B7 & A7 Leafield Valve Repair Kit

B7 Leafield Raft Valve

B7 Leafield Valve Cap

B7 Leafield Valve Wrench

C7 Leafield Repair Kit Parts

C7 Leafield Valve

C7 Leafield Valve Adapter

C7 Leafield Valve Cap

Prices are subject to change. Use prices as a guide only.

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