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Setup Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

How to Setup the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak

Setting up the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak (both the 380x and 420x models) is pathetically easy. Total inflation time will be, when using the manual bellows pump, about 15-20 minutes after you’ve done it a few times (allow more time the first time you do it).

So how do you set up the kayak? Well, this list about sums it up:

  • Take kayak out of bag and roll out the kayak
  • Partially pump up the two outside air chambers. Do not fully pump it up. You just partially put some air in the air chambers to make the next step a bit easier.
  • Insert the floor inside the boat and roll it out fully
  • Pump up the floor
  • Pump up the two outside air chambers until you can’t put in any more air. When using the bellows pump, you can’t overinflate the boat. When using an electric pump, some care must be taken to not overinflate the boat.
  • Pump up the seats and attach them to the D rings of the boat
  • That’s it…expecting more?

Below are some pictures I took of my boat (a pre-2012 model, thus it is a different color than the Explorer series kayaks sold today) during the setup process.

The boat has been rolled out and a little air inserted into the outside chambers. The floor has also just been inserted and strapped down.

Another View

The floor is now fully inflated and securely strapped to the rest of the boat. You need to strap the floor tightly to the D rings to prevent the floor from "moving around" in whitewater. For lake paddling or real sedate rivers, there isn't a huge need to strap the floor to the boat - since any shifting that happens is very minor.

Floor and one outside air chamber is inflated

Boat is inflated and ready to go. The Pro Kayak seat is the black seat in the front of the boat. The standard seat (which comes with the basic package) is the seat in back.

Final view of the boat fully inflated.

Sea Eagle Explorer Inflatable Kayak Illustrated

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