Georgetown Lake, which is the headwaters of Flint Creek, has excellent fishing for rainbow trout and brook trout. Lying in a serene setting to the north of the Anaconda-Pintlar Wilderness, Georgetown Lake makes for a scenic fishing setting. And at over 3000 acres, this fertile reservoir, combined with generous stocking and strict possession limits, produces some hefty fish.

Georgetown Lake receives fairly heavy pressure, for both fishing and pleasure boating. The lakes scenic beauty, combined with its relatively close proximity to Butte, brings lots of tourists and locals out during summer weekends.

Access is easy to Georgetown Lake; with Montana Highway 1 following the lake on one side while a network of dirt roads follows the lake on the other sides. Since the bulk of the lake lies in national forest lands, an angler can shore fish from may locations. Several boat ramps are also available allowing for easy boat access.

During the fall is the best time to fish for the large brook trout that are found in Georgetown Lake. Rainbow trout can be taken all summer long, particularly during the strong caddisfly hatch the lake has during July and August.

Powerboats are the boat of choice on the lake, although inflatable boats with good paddling characteristics work well when the wind is calm. While conditions can be windy at times, Georgetown Lake isn’t plagued by constant winds like other nearby reservoirs are that are located in the valleys.

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