Bynum Reservoir is located on the wind-swept plains just east of the Continental Divide, near the town of Bynum. This reservoir, which measures more than 3000 acres when full, is frequently low in water due to irrigation demands. At times, the reservoir gets so low that the boat ramp at the fishing access site sits high and dry.

During low water, anglers will have to bring their own inflatable fishing boats or have to fish from shore.

Fishing consists of a mixture of warmwater and coldwater fish. Fish species in Bynum Reservoir consist of rainbow trout, whitefish, yellow perch, brown trout and brook trout. The Montana FWP regularly stocks the lake with rainbow trout.

Access to the lake is relatively easy. Just follow the signs from the town of Bynum to reach the designated fishing access site.

Fishing pressure is low to moderate. Those that do fish Bynum Reservoir are almost all locals—few out-state anglers ever visit this isolated reservoir.

Services in the area are located in the nice town of Choteau. The town of Bynum itself has virtually nothing.

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