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Air Beds

Air Beds for Camping

Air Beds bring the comfort of your home mattress to the outdoors.

I'll be the first to admit it, but air beds are down right wonderful for car camping. They are easy to inflate and nearly as comfortable as your home mattress. For this reason, if you spend lots of time car camping and want something comfortable to sleep on, a airbed is a very good choice. Additionally, air beds are also superb "second beds" for your home.

Airbeds are very, very easy to inflate. With a bellows pump, just start inflating until they are about 3/4 full (you don't want the bed to be "rock solid"). Inflation time for a Queen size bed will be around 10 minutes.

Listed below are some air beds that are available through Cabela's.

Browning Stardust Queen Air Bed

Coleman Cot with Air Bed Queen

Coleman Cot with Air Bed Twin

Coleman DuraRest Extra-High Air Bed (TWIN)

Coleman EasyStay Lite Air Bed

Coleman Xtra Tall Air Bed (TWIN)

Insta-Bed NeverFlat Air Bed Queen (QUEEN)

Intex Classic Downy Air Beds (TWIN DOWNY AIR BED)

Intex Comfort Plush Mid-Rise Air Bed

Intex Comfort-Rest Rising Comfort Air Bed (TWIN)

Intex Premium Comfort Air Bed

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