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Sign About the Rocky Mountain Trench in Eureka, Montana

Sign About the Rocky Mountain Trench in Eureka, Montana

So what is the Rocky Mountain Trench? For that matter, have you ever even heard of the Rocky Mountain Trench? Despite living in Kalispell, I never once heard of it. So I was surprised to learn I had been living in it for quite sometime!

The Rocky Mountain Trench is a 1000 mile long valley that stretches from St. Ignatius, Montana, all the way up to the British Columbia-Yukon Territory border. The rock in the mountains on either side of the valley were deposited more than 1.4 Billion years ago an a massive inland sea. However, the mountain themselves didn't start to form until 110 million years ago when the North American Tectonic plate started to ride over the Pacific plate further to the west. Then, as fate would have it, the plates started to move apart a bit, elongating the valley below. View Larger Image of this Sign (1200 pixels wide).

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